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Altamont Poetry Series (Poetry) | Asheville, NC


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About the Reading

Altamont Poetry Series is a happening for poets and poetry lovers on the third Monday of each month at half past seven in the evening at North Carolina Stage Company in downtown Asheville, North Carolina. The event consists of a reading by a feature poet followed by an open microphone, for which readers may sign up and recite one or two brief pieces. During the open portion of the event, we encourage new voices and accomplished poets alike to share what they have been working on, in a space where writers have the opportunity to try out new works in front of an audience on a monthly basis. Please join us for consistent, fine poetry in a setting that is equally fine.

“It was a gray-golden day in late October, bright and windy. There was a sharp bite and sparkle in the mountain air: the range soared above him, close, immense, clean, and barren. The trees rose gaunt and stark: they were almost leafless. The sky was full of windy white rags of cloud; a thick blade of mist washed slowly around the rampart of a mountain. Below him a mountain stream foamed down its rocky bed, and he could see little dots of men laying the track that would coil across the hill toward Altamont. Then the sweating team lipped the gulch of the mountain, and, among soaring and lordly ranges that melted away in purple mist, they began the slow descent toward the high plateau on which the town of Altamont was built. In the haunting eternity of these mountains, rimmed in their enormous cup, he found sprawled out on its hundred hills and hollows a town of four thousand people. There were new lands. His heart lifted.”   —Thomas Wolfe

Altamont Poetry Series began in 2011 as the continuation of an event called “Poetry at the Pulp,” founded by Laura Hope-Gill and Keith Flynn in 2009.

Past feature poets have included:
Keith Flynn, Lee Ann Brown, Evie Shockley, Katherine Soniat, Thomas Rain Crowe, Cecilia Woloch, Rose McLarney, Holly Iglesias, Nickole Brown, L. Lamar Wilson, Matthew Olzmann, CA Conrad, Jessica Jacobs, Brent Martin, R. Flowers Rivera, David Brendan Hopes, Mary Adams, Catherine Carter, Nan Watkins, Luke Hankins, Laura Hope-Gill, Jeanette Cabanis-Brewin, Tim Peeler, Ted Pope, Justin Blackburn, Rosemary Royston, M. Scott Douglas, Emilio Maldonado, Matt Macdonald, Hilda Downer, Scott Owens, Adrian Rice

Produced/hosted by Caleb Beissert and Jeff Davis

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