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JI Daniels is the author of Mount Fugue, available from Kernpunkt Press, received an MFA in fiction at the University of Houston, and was an assistant fiction editor for Gulf Coast literary magazine. Currently a PhD student at the University of Utah, and a fiction editor for Quarterly West, with recent writing published in Lunch Ticket, Far Enough East, Juked, Southwest Review and Printer’s Row.


Mount Fugue (Kernpunkt Press, 2016). Fiction.
Mount Fugue (Kernpunkt Press, 2016). Fiction.

Blurbs, Press & Reviews

“To view and read J.I. Daniels’ Mount Fugue is to relinquish all expectations and begin—and begin again—to choose your own news story about Tara Ortiz, to choose your own answers to your own chosen questions about what business it ever was of hers—that wife, thatmother, that Latina and African American corporate executive—to attempt to conquer anything, to attempt to conquer anything at all let alone the deadliest mountain in the world.”
—Molly Gaudry, author of We Take Me Apart

“This has all the mystery of the Dyatlov Pass incident, all the jargon and wonder of a Jon Krakauer story, and it’ll activate your narrative jigsaw compulsions as well—you can’t help trying to piece together the puzzle, can’t help wondering not just why and how and in what sequence, but who is even telling you all this?”
—Stephen Graham Jones, author of Mongrels

“JI Daniels is a mountaineer. Wonderfully, paradoxically, the mountain he summits is of his own creation—sheer, imposing, daunting. It says a great deal about his ambitions, intellect, and generous nature that he is up to the task of leading the reader into these constructed heights. Mount Fugue is the best kind of novel — like a view from a high peak, it reveals the world you thought you knew from entirely different vantage. The world expands with startling clarity. And you realize that what you see in this clear light is yourself, but from a wonderfully unfamiliar perspective.”
—Alexander Parsons, author of Leaving Disneyland

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