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Nancy Lynée Woo is an incorrigible optimist, a PEN Center USA Emerging Voices Fellow, the founding editor of Lucid Moose Lit, a social justice-focused press, and a Pushcart Prize- and Meridian-nominated poet. She recently released her second poetry chapbook, called Bearing the Juice of It All (Finishing Line Press, 2016). Her first chapbook, Rampant, was published in 2014 with Sadie Girl Press. At the same time, she had great fun recording a poetry-music CD called Face the Blaze with Blacksheep Music Productions. Her work has been published with NAILED Magazine, Confrontation, Artemis Journal and The Rusty Toque, among others. She holds a degree in Sociology from UC Santa Cruz, and lives in Long Beach, California, where she works as a freelance writer and editor.


Bearing the Juice of It All (Finishing Line Press, 2016). Poetry.
Rampant (Sadie Girl Press, 2014). Poetry.

Blurbs, Press & Reviews

Bearing the Juice of It All is a cry for women to be aware of their lives internally and externally, and percolates through the arising voice of a feminist, Nancy Lynée Woo. As the voice emerges in her chapbook so does her call to social awareness. In “A Woman Alone” the reader and narrator have found their purpose to rage in an awakening of social feminism and sing out, A woman alone is rumbling and rolling, and like this book always moving forward. Even the last poem keeps the reader moving forward on this journey, as we are left with the ultimate question, How do you know this is all of it? I hope this is not even close to all of it, because Nancy Lynée Woo is a voice that needs to be heard and continue for many books to come.
-Denise R. Weuve, author of The Truck Driver’s Daughter

Nancy Lynée Woo’s poetry collection, Bearing the Juice of It All, is a dazzling collection—it takes on the perils of being a woman—with aplomb, scope, humor, compassion, and generosity. The sheer variety of forms reveals this poet’s ambition—from lyric poems to prose poems to poems about chicken hearts, Woo puts all of her immense gifts and talents on open display. Woo’s poems shift and turn, swerve and take flight, all the while, taking the willing reader along with them. Woo clearly has a rich and imaginative mind and the lucky reader is lifted along and by the end, she has taken our hearts, morphed them, and “[given them] back/bigger than” when she found them.
-Victoria Chang, author of The Boss

In her collection, Bearing the Juice of It All, poet Nancy Lynée Woo peels and twists and pulls at the different skins of womanhood, exploring the journey of growth and the reflection of past, and gets to the seed of it all. She does this with both masterful technique and a keen eye for language; these are nurtured poems. Their vibrancy and feel prove the poet was patient with them, waiting only until they were at their peak ripeness before picking them from her heart’s branches and presenting them to us to savor. Bite into them and let their sticky sweetness run down your chin.
-Eric Morago, author of Feasting on Sky

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