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Tony McMillen is the author of the novel Nefarious Twit. He is also the artist behind that book’s artwork and has created the cover artwork for a few other novels he hasn’t written. Besides all that he finds time to write the humor column “Touch The Wonder” where he performs droll vivisections on pop culture with equal parts vitriol and whimsy. The column is published by DigBoston.
He grew up mostly in Tucson, Arizona.


Nefarious Twit (Branch Hands Books, 2013). Dark Humor/Horror. Fiction,

Press & Reviews

“McMillen’s debut is a lot of things: dark, drug-addled, deftly gritty…but above all else, it’s just really fucking good. Here’s hoping that Nefarious Twit is but the first of many releases from this talented new author.”
—Brandon Tietz, author of Good Sex, Great Prayers and Out of Touch.

“…a dysfunctional family comedy and a subtly askew portrait of the literary life. This book is mature, dark, funny, well written and exciting.”
—Garrett Cook, author of A God of Hungry Walls

“Many readers will enjoy its fantasy elements of pharmacological psychedelia, alternative geography, and mythmaking…Major points for originality. Big points for (t)wit and entertainment.”
—Gordon Highland, author of Flashover and Major Inversions.

“McMillen delivers a literary tale about relationships minus the typical literary stuffiness. This book will appeal to a wide audience.”
—Livius Nedin, Co-host of the Booked Podcast.

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