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William Mize is a true pioneer in the self-publishing movement. In 1997, his first novel, Resurrection Angel, was chosen by noted mystery writer, critic and editor Robert J. Randisi as a finalist in the St. Martin’s Press – Private Eye Writers of America Best First Novel of The Year Contest. In 2001, Mize made publishing history when Resurrection Angel was nominated by the Private Eye Writers of America for one of their highest honors, The Shamus Award for Best First Novel of The Year, making it the first Print on Demand book ever to be nominated for a major publishing award. He graduated from the prestigious Creative Writing Program at San Francisco State University. Currently he lives in St. Petersburg, Florida, with his new wife and two kids, besides working his day job, he’s working on his next mystery, watching Star Trek, going to see the latest movie from Marvel, and playing Call of C’thulhu RPG with his friends.


Everlasting Life (CreateSpace, 2003). Mystery. Fiction.

Resurrection Angel (CreateSpace, 2001). Mystery. Fiction.

Blurbs, Press, & Reviews

Resurrection Angel

“Denton Ward’s profound and poignant personality reaches out from the pages to grab the reader by the throat. Monty Crocetti, strutting and sassing, redefines the nature of both sidekick and wise-woman. Only two such bold and compelling characters could hold their own against Mize’s plot and vigorous prose. The bar has been raised! William Mize has the rare, raw talent that is found in a mere handful of novelists.”
Deborah Adams, creator of the Jesus Creek mystery series

“Its flawed characters flow through the action and the book wraps up with grace and pathos. Some of the writing is exquisite and chapter twenty-four may be the best example of the author’s skills.

The woo-woo elements are integrated into the narrative in believable fashion and should appeal to those who have enjoyed Martha Lawrence’s Elizabeth Chase. Recommended”
Gary Warren Niebur, Private Eye Entertainment

“William Mize takes the reader for a melancholy spill ride, in this this pyscho-mystery. He keeps the pace going with dialogue to fill in the sinister spaces that he manages to weave into every page. We know the murderer will strike, but when? It is a race between Denton Ward’s sanity; Monty Crocetti’s patience, strength, and love for Denton and Lisa, and Lisa’s tormentors. Ten thumbs up for Mize’s touching and fascinating story.”
Shelly Glodowsky, reviewer, Midwest Book Review

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