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Zeke Jarvis (Fiction) | Normal, IL

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Zeke Jarvis is an Associate Professor at Eureka College. His works have appeared in Bitter Oleander, Petrichor Machine, and Moon City Review, among numerous other places. His books include So Anyway… a book of introductions to poems that don’t exist, and In A Family Way, a collection of short stories centered around the theme of family. Currently, he is working on a blog where he revises the stories from In A Family Way to increase the diversity of the characters.


Antisocial Norms (Closet Skeleton Press, 2020). Fiction.

The Three of Them (Rogue Phoenix Press, 2020). Fiction.

In A Family Way (Fomite Press, 2015). Short Stories. Fiction.
So Anyway… (Robocup Press, 2014). Flash. Fiction.

Blurbs, Press, & Reviews

In his brilliant collection of short stories, In a Family Way: Stories, Jarvis pulls no punches. These stories are just as much visceral as they are cerebral. These are rich stories which peel back the veneer of any semblance of a neatly ordered life and then grip us with their gut-wrenching honesty and darkness. In many ways, I was reminded of David Lynch’s Blue Velvet. Everything might seem normal on the surface; yet, once you get past the superficiality it’s anything but normal. The stories in this collection are not for the faint of heart. However, if you’re looking for something dark and thought-provoking, you are definitely going to enjoy this collection.
—Jeffrey Miller, author of War Remains, Ice Cream Headache, and The Panama Affair

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